Friday, September 13, 2013

Top 10 Strongest OP characters of all time

In this post, I'm going to post the pictures along with a little description of the ten most strongest characters of One Piece known till date since the beginning of the Episode till date. This list also includes those characters, who have already died. 
Enjoy the strongest powers with the images of the Powerful Ones.

1). Gol D. Roger
    Known as the pirate king, The legendary Pirate Gol D. Roger is definitely the strongest Person Known in the history of One Piece Till date. Talking about his power, his Haki was the main power and he was a great swordsman. There is nobody in the history of One Piece, who can match the might of Pirate King Gol D. Roger

2). Golden lion Shiki
Even though Shiki has not been featured in the Anime for many times, he's certainly the strongest person in One Piece after Roger. He has fought many fights with the Pirate King and has the power of lifting anything that he touches in the sky. Also, talking about his swordsmanship, he's a great swordsman as it was his primary attacking source. Shiki has been featured in the Movie Strong World and there its shown Shiki fighting with Garp and Sengoku and almost destroying Marineford after sometime. Also, he's the only prisoner, who has been successful to run away from Impel Down Level 6. Due to these reasons, Shiki comes in the Second Rank of the Strongest One Piece characters.

3).  Whitebeard
Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, was the captain of the Shirohige Pirates. He was also the man from Roger's Era and till the time he died, he had the title of the World's Most Strongest Person, which definitely shows how much power he has. Also, he had slammed Admiral Akainu with 2 earthshook punches and in his near death condition, he had also slammed down Blackbeard, who had the strongest logia fruit, Darkness Fruit.
Whitebeard definitely comes in the third rank in the list of the Most strongest characters of One Piece. Also, he had planned to sink down Marineford to the bottom of the sea, which shows how much power he has. He had the most strongest Paramecia type Devil Fruit, Gura Gura no Mi.

4). Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp
 The D. family so so powerful that each and everyone of this family has got great Powers. Among all the D.s', the previous Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp is the strongest one. Garp is such a strong man that he's titled Garp The Hero and this title is famous all over One Piece.  He is also the man from the Era of Roger who has fought with Roger and they both used to be in near death conditionss and fought his last in the Marineford Arc and then resigned his post but still, he comes in the fourth rank of the most strongest people of One Piece.

5.) Fleet Admiral Sengoku
Sengoku is also one of the most strongest character of One Piece. He's also been fighting the pirates from the Era of Roger, Whitebeard and Shiki. He was the most strongest Man in the Marine as he was the Fleet Admiral, the one who gives orders to the Admirals. His last fight was with Blackbeard in the Marineford Arc. He has now resigned from his post of Fleet Admiral after the War of Marineford along with Garp and now Akainu is the Fleet Admiral.

6). Shanks
After all these great Pirates and Marines from the Old Era, the first one who comes in the top list of the Pirate of New Era is probably Shanks. Shanks was an apprentice in Roger's ship along with Clown Star, Buggy but after the death of their Captain, Gol D. Roger, they went their own ways and now, Shanks is a Yonku, One of the Four Emperors of the Grand Line. Even being half the age of Whitebeard, he has the power to fight Whitebeard. Also, he has got the King's Haki. He's definitely the one  to come in the sixth rank of the strongest One Piece character of all time.  He has a very close relation with Luffy.  He also had a clash with Whitebeard.

7). Admiral Akainu
Akainu was not shown much powerful in the past Episodes, but in the Marineford arc, he kiled Ace so easily and also inserted his magma fist in Whitebeard's chest, for which he had to pay. This shows how much powerful he is. Also, he had killed thousands of pirates in the War and hurted Boss Jinbe so badly that he  was in near death condition. Due to his Magma Fruit and power to kill thousands of Pirates, and dare to kill whitebeard, he comes in the seventh rank of strongest One Piece Characters of all time.

8). Silvers Rayleigh
 The first mate of Pirate King Roger and the vice captain of Oro Jackson, Rayleight is a super powerful man. Also, he has such  a great swordsmanship abillity that he could fight an Admiral alone with Ease. Also, he has Conquerer's  Haki, which is a very rare and superpower. That's why he comes in the 8th rank of Strongest One Piece Character. Also, he is a very intelligent person.

9). Kaido
 Though nothing much is known about Kaido as he's not featured in the Anime for many times, he's a very strong person by whom everybody fears. Dofflamingo, the person who always chills also got nervous when he heard about Kaido and the incident in Punk Hazard. This shows how much powerful he is. Also, he is a Yonku of New Word, which shows he's also a powerful person. He has got an army of Devil fruit eaters.

10). God Enel
Enel is the former God of Skypeia and after his defeat by The Srtawhat Pirates, he went to the Moon and became God of Moon. Oda Sensei himself told that if Enel was a pirate and had went to the sea, he would have bounty higher than 500 Million Berry. He's got a very powerful  Power of Devil fruit. The powers of Electricity and its lightning speed is unbeatable. Also, he had got Mantra, by which he can find where the enemy is read their mind. These powers and abillities keep him in the tenth rank of strongest One Piece characters of all time.

The given list is the  top 10 powerful list in my view. It may differ from yours. Don't blame me for that. If you've got a better top 10 list, do comment below. That'll be appreciated. 

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