Sunday, September 1, 2013

One Piece- The Eleven Supernovas/ Worst Generation

Nakama, You've probably heard of the Eleven Supernovas, if You've watched One Piece. They're the Eleven Pirates, who've enter the New World and are causing a riot and havoc there. Among them, Captain Kid has the highest Bounty and after him comes Trafalgor Law, the shichibukai and then comes Luffy, The Captain of Straw Hat pirates and our favouraite character in One Piece.
Luffy managed to get bouny of 400 Million Beri even though he was inactive for 2 years times.

Below are some pictures of these great pirates or the eleven supernovas, who are also called the worst generation..

                                    Enjoy them!!

The Supernovas looking like Kids..

The dangers of New World

The Supernovas as girls. This shows Women Empowerment.. LOL!

The Dangerous guys looking Professional Dangers!